Public Sector Payments by Pace

Pace Payment Systems, for nearly a decade, has served the unique payment needs of government entities across the U.S. We’ve worked hard to understand the complex challenges government entities face when taking payments, and we’ve built comprehensive solutions to make the process of transactions with citizens simple, efficient and secure. Your government entity and citizens deserve the focus and knowledge that comes over time. Your government entity deserves Pace.

Improving Public Sector Payments

Pace is uniquely positioned to deliver turnkey payment solutions designed specifically for Public Sector integration. Our experienced Client Services and Technical Support teams work with government entities to overcome any challenges and ensure your success. Your government entity and citizens benefit from the convenience and efficiency of payment technology implemented to streamline transactions.


The Pace Public Pay Guarantee

Pace is uniquely positioned to process payments for your city or town. When you process payments using Pace Technology, we are able to offer you the Pace Public Pay Guarantee:

  • 100% Token Vault Technology - All relevant transactions go straight into the Pace Token Vault where a string of random numbers (a token) is generated to replace the payment information. Tokenization is the highest form of security in the industry today.
  • 100% EMV Compliance - Pace’s equipment and payment solutions are EMV compliant and ready to accept chip cards.
  • 100% PCI Compliance - Pace Payment Systems is a PCI-DSS certified compliant ISO registered with all major card brands. We maintain tight internal security and controls and run virtually document free facilities.
  • 100% End to End Encryption - Payment information is encrypted and travels safely through payment channels.
  • 100% Web/Mobile/In Person - Accept payments anytime, anywhere. Pace will enable you to accept payments online, on a mobile device or in person.
  • 100% Chargeback Coverage - Pace will cover chargeback costs as long as all relevant services were provided, if a citizen initiates a chargeback.
  • $500,000 Breach Guarantee - Pace provides data breach coverage for up to $100,000 per merchant identification number, up to a total limit of $500,000. Restrictions Apply. See Pace's PCI Protection Plan for more details.