Pace recently partners with Milsoft Utility Solutions


Pace partnered with Milsoft Utility Solutions to bring a comprehensive set of tools to better support the payment processing needs of Milsoft’s valued client base. Together we provide a seamless, efficient and secure payment processing method using Milsoft’s Product suite or an existing solution. We are confident that our partnership adds tremendous value for our customers while providing competitive services that can entirely offset processing expense or drastically lower current fees.

Pace is excited to exhibit at the Milsoft Users Conference from June 9-June 11 in Arlington, Texas. Our President, Scott Scherr, will make two presentations: The first, Credit Card Payments-Regulatory and Compliance Update, will explore the constantly shifting landscape of the payment processing industry. The second, Metrics on Card and Electronic Check Payments, will take an analytical approach to the payment processing industry. With a Public Sector focus, it will break down exactly how and where most credit card dollars are being processed.