Electronic Payments as a Service – EPaaS

Electronic payments are going mainstream. Merchants and consumers alike are drawn to the revolutionary concept of paying through mobile phones, personal online accounts, and other alternatives to the plastic cards.

There are tons of options today and they continue to evolve. Pace keeps up with the market to ensure our merchant partners have the best available payment options. 

Comprehensive Solution

We developed EPaaS, a proprietary blend of product and service, to empower e-commerce merchants with powerful solutions to facilitate electronic transactions. EPaaS begins with product selection, where Pace will educate you on the various options you have and what strategy is best for your business. We then provide dedicated support to help you integrate these tools into your operation and ensure they are functioning properly. Finally, we will provide you with ongoing updates, education, and support as necessary to ensure you are always on the leading edge of electronic payments technology.

Software Integration

EPaaS goes beyond the traditional processor approach to e-commerce. We are seeking to blend applications together, to take customer-facing software programs and enable them with commerce capabilities. We take the time to understand your goals and work up a solution that helps you achieve them. We both stand to benefit when you succeed. It’s our partnership philosophy. With dedicated development staff and a commitment to understanding your unique challenges, EPaaS empowers your business to succeed.

Evolution of Payments

As payment technology continues to evolve, having a partner that is in touch with the trends in the industry and following the developing patterns is critical. With EPaaS you have a  solution today and a partner who will keep their eyes on tomorrow. With all that is happening in mobile payments, card not present technology, electronic payment applications, you want to be sure you are positioned to succeed as the market changes.

EPaaS empowers you to tackle the challenge of electronic payments with confidence. That is Pace, doing electronic payments the right way.

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