Fuze and Insight Features


Fuze Features

Features Hosted Form Fuze Custom Form Fuze RESTful Web Services
Control of payment experience

Start accepting payments quickly!


Your customer never leaves your solution and you choose which color theme matches your branding.


With a full set of APIs, you control the payment interface and reporting experience. In partnership, we will create an end-to-end solution.

PCI scope* reduction (ISV)

Out of Scope


SAQ D or Out of Scope

PCI scope* reduction (merchant of record)




Automatic, seamless integration to Pace Insight
Change integration method at any time
Dedicated integration and technical team
Power payments across all channels using one of Fuze’s connection methods:

In-Person, Online, Mobile, Kiosk, IVR Text-to-Pay

Process MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express
Process electronic checks
Encrypted, secure transactions
Tokenized transactions
Integrated in-person EMV solution
Service fee management environment
Recurring payments

with access to additional SOAP APIs

with access to additional SOAP APIs

Real time transaction results


Insight Features

Features Insight Web Portal Insight WebHooks
Control of Business Analytics Experience

Choose the color theme that matches your branding to create an easy transition for your customer.


Pace pushes transaction data to your software. In partnership, we will create an end-to-end solution!

Access to All Payment Data
Login to portal Data pushed to ISV solution
Full Lifecycle of a Transaction Updates
  • New credit card or ACH authorized
  • Bank account funded
    (ACH and credit card)
  • ACH rejects
  • ACH re-presentment
  • ACH declines
Basic Authentication

Opt to add user authentication on server receiving Webhooks

Post to Multiple Server URLs
  • Redundancy data is in sync
  • Augments disaster recovery plans
Automatic, sequential retry of failed transactions

Never lose data due to an outage

Business Analytics
  • Driven by Metadata Payload design
  • Meta data sequencing:
    Sector Department Sub-department Channel Payment Type Dimension
  • Dimensions: abstract, unique identifiers signaling payment trends
Reporting Suite
  • Hierarchal, drill-down reporting at ISV and customer levels
  • Customize report definitions
  • Save & Schedule reports
  • Export Reports in multiple formats
    (CSV, TSV, Excel)
  • Clone reports
  • Share reports across an organization
Bank Reconciliation Tool
  • Match bank deposits with transaction amounts and dates
  • Summary and detail Views
*PCI Requirements
The amount of exposure your company has to sensitive information determines your level of PCI Scope. The more integrated your solution is with Pace, the less risk your company has. We will work with you to ensure you’re not unduly exposed.